Poland agreed to extradite Russian ex-head of the NGO «Cosmos» Chernyakova

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Chernyakov Samarendra as President of the NGO Space. Archival photoPoland agreed to extradite Russian ex-head of the NGO «Cosmos» Chernyakova© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Samarin

The district court in Warsaw took a decision on granting of Russia of ex-President of the NGO «Cosmos» Andrei Chernyakov, the lawyer said Conrad Paul Opalski, leaving the courtroom.

«The court decided on the legal issue of my client to the criminal prosecution of Russia», — said the defender. According to him, the decision to appeal will be accepted after he and his client get acquainted with a written statement of the court.

Speaking outside court, Chernyakov said, «I can’t be here, I want to Russia». He added that is contained in a cell with three other detainees.

Chernyakova on Friday was taken to court under escort. The meeting was held behind closed doors. The question of how he feels, he replied, «Fine.»

Earlier, the Polish court of first instance has ruled to extradite Chernyakova of Russia, and the court of appeal confirmed this decision. The case was referred for final approval to the Ministry of justice of Poland. In September the Polish court extended the term of arrest Chernyakova until 24 February 2019. The court of appeal considered the complaint of lawyer Chernyakova on the decision on his detention and left the ruling in force.

Later, the Russian side has sent a new request for the extradition of czerniaków. His lawyer explained that the new request contains information about the new episodes that Chernyakova intend to prosecute at home.

The ex-President of the NGO «Cosmos» Chernyakov, who is in Russia, charged with fraud in obtaining credit in Bank of Moscow to 12 billion rubles, until recently, was in the UK.

Chernyakov was detained in Poland on 15 December 2017, as was in the international wanted list through Interpol. Then in the Polish Prosecutor’s office received the request of the Russian side on the temporary arrest in connection with the beginning of the extradition proceedings. The request contained, in particular, the decision of Russian court on arrest.

A Warsaw court decided to extradite Russian ex-President of the NGO «Cosmos» Andrei Chernyakov. He is accused in Russia of fraud in obtaining a loan for 12 billion rubles. pic.twitter.com/2st2OMvIjO

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