Poll: most Russians are tolerant towards AIDS patients

© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in fotobanka. Archival photoPoll: most Russians are tolerant towards AIDS patients© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral the image Bank

The vast majority of Russians are tolerant towards people with AIDS, and believe that they must be assisted, said in a report on the results of the poll at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

«In relation to people with AIDS, our society is tolerant is configured: for example, 89% of respondents believe that such people need help and only 5% should be isolated from other citizens, and 2% to themselves», — the report says polls.

The Russians have also become more tolerant of HIV-positive people. According to VTSIOM, 50% of respondents do not see anything wrong in working with HIV-positive people, and in 2005, these respondents were only 33%. More than half (57%) of Russians are ready to care for relatives infected with HIV, whereas in 2005 this opinion was expressed by only 29% of respondents.

However, almost half (49%) of Russians are not ready to use utensils that had ever used HIV-positive people, the report said. 29% of respondents do not see anything terrible, and 18% of the respondents said that they would go for it, although this step would be given to them with difficulty.

Overall, according to the survey, HIV is aware of almost all (97%) adult Russian, and the majority of respondents (88%) believe this problem is actual for Russia.

National poll held on 28 November 2018. In a telephone interview participated 1.6 thousand respondents over 18 years. For a given sample size the maximum error with 95% probability does not exceed 2.5%. In 2004-2009 was conducted housing surveys.