Prime Minister of Moldova does not exclude its participation in the parliamentary elections

© AP Photo / Efrem LukatskyПремьер-Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip. Archival photoPrime Minister of Moldova does not exclude its participation in the parliamentary elections© AP Photo / Efrem Lukatsky

Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip has not excluded that will participate in the parliamentary elections and not to give up the post of head of government.

Parliamentary elections in Moldova scheduled for February 24, 2019, the first time they will be held under a mixed electoral system. Earlier, the President of Moldova Igor Dodon has declared, that considers an opportunity to participate in the parliamentary list of the socialist Party and keep the position of head of state. This statement has become another reason for the conflict between Parliament and the President.

«The legal framework gives the opportunity to the Prime Minister to participate in the election campaign, not putting his powers. If the Minister is required to temporarily leave their position when joining the electoral race, the Prime Minister is not obliged to do it,» said Philip in the TV channel TVR, answering a question of the journalist whether he plans to participate in parliamentary elections.

The Prime Minister added that a final decision on his participation in elections should be Democratic party of Moldova, which he represents.

«There is a possibility that I kept the position and at the same time was a candidate for election in an electoral district,» said Philip.