Sources: pipe producers complained of «Gazprom» in the Ministry of industry and trade

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The Minister of industry and trade of RF, Denis Manturov, held on Thursday a meeting on the development of the pipe industry, where producers of large diameter pipes (LDP) made a complaint to the procurement policy of Gazprom, reported RIA Novosti several sources close to the meeting.

As the materials for the meeting are at the disposal of RIA Novosti, the officials discussed the situation in the LDP market, the mechanisms of procurement of tubular products largest consumers and the development of competition in this segment of the market. The participants called, in particular, major shareholders or top managers of all leading tube companies of Russia, JSC «Gazprom purchases», as well as representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia and Ministry of industry and trade.

Power pipe plants, as the materials, three times greater than the needs of the LDP market, product quality, the manufacturer, corresponds to world level and allows you to provide all the needs of «Gazprom» at a competitive price level in comparison with foreign manufacturers. At the same time, major acquisitions of the group, which is in accordance with the materials in 2018, accounting for 58% of the domestic LD pipe market, according to Trubnikov, «currently has ceased to comply with the principles of transparency and fairness to the Russian producers of LDP».

The pipe manufacturers indicate that in the General volume of purchases by 2018, the share of procurement by competition is 71% against 81% a year earlier, and purchases from a single supplier, respectively, account for 29% against 19% last year. In the procurement in 2019 and 2020 the share of a single supplier accounts for 99%. «Major purchases «Gazprom» in 2019-2020 carried unopposed from a single supplier without carrying out competitive procedures on the basis of the decision of the estimated Commission», — is spoken in materials of pipe manufacturers.

According to representatives of the pipe industry, «the purchase of tubes from a single supplier increases the risk of late delivery of biodiesel fuel for construction and maintenance of pipelines and poses a threat to safe functioning of the Unified gas supply system and the performance of obligations of the Russian Federation on international gas supplies, but also carries socio-economic risks».

In mid-November it became known that the company «Gazprom komplektatsiya» concluded with Zahorski pipe mill (ztd) direct contract with a value of 41.2 billion rubles for the supply of LDPs. The period of performance specified c 19 November 2018 to 30 April 2021, the contract provides for the supply of 500 thousand tons of pipes. At the beginning of November «Gazprom komplektatsiya» reported on the conclusion with the Pipe metallurgical company (TMK) contract 21,447 billion rubles for the supply of steel TBD. TMK was selected without competition as sole supplier. Under the terms of the contract, the company should put 255 thousand tons of pipes, the deadline from 7 November to 30 April 2020.