The court arrested the former Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region

© Photo : government of Kurgan, ablastics-Deputy Governor Roman Vanyukov. Archive photoThe court arrested the former Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region© Photo : government of Kurgan region

. The court on Friday, arrested two months of the former Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region of the Novel Vanyukov, accused the consequence of accepting a bribe in the amount of more than 3 million rubles, told RIA Novosti acting senior assistant media relations investigation Department of the TFR in the region Evgeny Grechkin.

According to the press service of the Governor, Deputy Governor — Director of Department of construction, state examination and housing and communal services novel Vanyukov 13 Nov resigned at his own request.

According to the investigation in 2018 Vanyukov, as Deputy Governor, through an intermediary has received a bribe — more than 3 million rubles of the total amount of a bribe in 26 million rubles from the Director of a commercial organization, carried out the construction of the highway in Kurgan region, for the timely payment of work performed. The investigation clarified that the Vanyukov was arrested on Thursday. The investigative Department of the TFR in the Kurgan region initiated a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code (bribery).

«Today the court has satisfied the petition of the investigator in respect of the Novel Vanyukov and ruled that election to it measures of restraint in form of detention for a period of 2 months,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He said that Vnukovo charged with receiving a bribe.

According to town two of the accomplices were also indicted Friday, the court will consider the petition of the investigation on a preventive measure in the form of arrest against alleged intermediary and the briber.

Earlier it was reported that the Vanyukov were searched, also the searches took place at his acquaintance, who acted as the intermediary in transfer of bribes and the briber — the head of the road enterprise, and their relatives.