The court did not arrest the coach, who strikes a child in the suburbs

Screenshot video lessons Kudo, where coach Ivan Kirilko punched a kid in the legThe court did not arrest the coach, who strikes a child in the suburbs

Naro-Fominsk court of Moscow has refused to arrest the coach of Ivan Kirilko, hit in the classroom for the Kudo child’s leg, told RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

«After examining the materials the judge came to the conclusion that the petition of the investigator not be satisfied. Kirilko is a resident of Naro-Fominsk, from effect not going into hiding. In addition, the Prosecutor in his report also found no basis for concluding coach into custody,» — said the press service.

They added that the court was attended by the students who came to support their coach.

Coach charged with article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation («Rendering services not meeting requirements of safety of life and health of consumers»).

The suspect pleaded guilty and refused to testify. The father requests to terminate the criminal case against the coach. According to him, the coach has committed misconduct, and work with children it must be removed, but a criminal act punishable coach did not commit, said the press service.

Earlier on air of one of Federal TV channels broadcasted a program about that in Naro-Fominsk coach sports section applied in relation to the child’s physical force to punish the boy for the mistake. Investigators on results of check have appeared in the media, a criminal case. Pre-installed, 11 Mar 2018 coach during training dealt a kick in the head nine-year-old boy. The suspect was arrested.

As reported the press service of the MST region, September 2014 coach Ivan Kirilko worked as a representative of the Moscow regional branch of OOO «Federation of Kudo of Russia» in Naro-Fominsk municipal district. Official accreditation of the Ministry of sports of Russia, the Federation never received. In 2014 Kirilko established «RIK» and organized a private section of Kudo, which he coached. The training took place in a private room, which is rented Kirilko. By order of the Moscow regional branch of the Federation Kudo Russia Kirilko was suspended from coaching activities in the section were discontinued.