The expert assessed the readiness of the OSCE to protect Wyszynski

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European institutions, including the OSCE, is ready to protect the head of the portal RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky only to the extent that it wants Kiev, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the CIS Institute Vladimir Zharikhin.

Informed Vyshinsky himself in an interview with said that in the detention center, in which it is contained, and before him were imprisoned on «political charges».

Answering the question, becomes whether the political persecution in Ukraine massive, Zharikhin said that this is not surprising. «Why surprising? Enough to read them the revised penal code,» he said.

«There is the article for separatism, for the failure of the law on de-communization, for treason, which are used quite extensively, and under it down to just people who have their own opinion. And what is the persecution of people for their own opinion? This is political persecution, is in prison for political reasons,» said Zharikhin.

«Not necessarily to refer to the detention of the same Wyszynski, says it all in their penal code, there are political articles», — he added.

According to the analyst, the OSCE and other European institutions for the protection of human rights, lack the desire to release Wyszynski.

Answering the question about why the call of the OSCE representative on freedom of the media of ARIMA of Desir to the Ukrainian authorities to release the journalist had no effect, the expert said that typically, in the absence of desire. «Because the desire to have no such. Because they believe that political expediency — and for their support of the current Ukrainian authorities, the configured anti-Russian, politically expedient is more important than the proclaimed principles which they themselves do not really adhere to,» he said.

«A kind word is good, but better — a kind word and a colt. It is possible not only to Express dissatisfaction with the actions of Kiev, but, for example, to add any sanctions. It (the statement of the OSCE – ed.) is a purely declarative yet to check, not to really affect the position of the Ukrainian side», — said Zharihin.

«For example, the OSCE can address to the countries-members of the organization to exert pressure on Kiev. And they have leverage to pressure is very large, such as the next tranche of economic aid to hold. The OSCE is not interested in protecting the rights of journalists in Ukraine to such an extent as to cause dissatisfaction of the Ukrainian authorities. To say «ay-yay-yay, not good» they can. But the more they do not want and will not be», — concluded the analyst.

Vyshinsky was taken into custody in Kiev may 15, 2018. The journalist announced that he was suspected of supporting the breakaway republics of Donbass and treason. The maximum punishment under this article provides till 15 years of imprisonment.

Kherson city court on may 17 sent Wyszynski into custody. The defence appealed the arrest, but the court dismissed the appeal. During the meeting, Vyshinsky asked for help to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He also said that they will refuse Ukrainian citizenship.

Putin called the situation unprecedented, saying that Wyszynski was arrested «for his direct professional activities, for exercising his journalistic functions». Moscow has sent to Kiev a note of protest with the requirement to stop violence against members of the press.

The OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir had previously expressed serious concern about the actions of Kiev in relation to RIA Novosti Ukraine. After the next prolongation of term of detention of Vyshinsky custody Dezir expressed disappointment with Ukraine’s position and called for the release of the journalist. The Secretary General of the OSCE Thomas Greminger, commenting on the situation with Wyszynski, stressed that all the countries of the organization committed to promote an environment in which journalists can fulfill their obligations in another member state, and therefore must abide by international standards and not to interfere in the work of the media.

In Berlin also noted that he is closely watching the case of Vyshinsky. As stated by RIA Novosti in the Ministry of foreign Affairs Germany, Federal Republic of Germany supports «the requirement of the OSCE on the Ukrainian side of the acceleration process.»

In turn, foreign Minister of Portugal, Augusto Santos Silva criticized the arrest of Vyshinsky. According to him, Lisbon, «condemns all acts that are used to arrest people for their political views.»

Liberation Wyszynski urged earlier the European Federation of journalists. As stated by RIA Novosti, the Secretary General of the organization of Ricardo Gutierrez, the attempts of the Ukrainian authorities to justify the arrest of the journalist totally unconvincing. Gutierrez stressed that «the work of Vyshinsky did not come to Ukraine, and that’s why they decided to charge him with treason and arrested.»

The expert assessed the readiness of the OSCE to protect Wyszynski© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Policystat dissent