The experts evaluated the idea of installing DVRs in a taxi

© Depositphotos / strixcodeАвтомобильный DVR. Archival photoThe experts evaluated the idea of installing DVRs in a taxi© Depositphotos / strixcode

The idea of installing DVRs in a taxi is common, it will make drivers and passengers more disciplined and also come in handy in case of an accident, which involved a taxi traditionally, a lot of consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts.

State Duma Deputy from LDPR Vasily Vlasov, the Ministry of internal Affairs suggested to oblige aggregators («Yandex.Taxi,» Uber and others) to install in the salons of taxis at the two cameras video recording for shooting the road and the interior of the car. In a letter to the chief of security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov, the text of which is available to RIA Novosti, Vlasov offers responsibility for the fulfillment of this requirement to lay on the aggregator.

«Overall, this is a good idea which will improve the quality of services and to what extent to discipline the driver and passenger in a taxi. In the event of an accident taxi because they have high mileage, they cause more accidents than the average car, their insurance is more expensive. Technically it will be possible to establish who is responsible for the accident. If it’s a taxi driver, if he becomes the culprit of the accident regularly, measures should be taken to him. In my opinion, this is a sensible initiative», — said the Deputy head of the expert center Andrey mukhortikov.

According to him, the question is, how will data be stored and how they will be protected technically. According to experts, if the driver is at fault, he will try to make this recording in the DVR was not there.

Journalist and candidate master of sports in Motorsport Yury Geiko does not see the installation of the DVRs nothing to be ashamed of, but do not believe that this will help to avoid accidents.

«Nothing bad I do not see this. Now to find a worker driving a taxi – a big problem. I think it’s all be disciplined… This in itself is unlikely to help to avoid accidents,» said Heiko.

He also believes that the camera «will discipline the driver and passenger». «I, for example. At whose expense, it is not our problem, consumers», — said the Agency interlocutor.