The Montenegrin opposition stated that barricaded themselves in the Parliament

© AFP 2018 / PrelevicМилан Savo knežević. Archival photoThe Montenegrin opposition stated that barricaded themselves in the Parliament© 2018 AFP / Savo Prelevic

. One of the leaders of the opposition «Democratic front» (DF) Montenegro Milan knežević barricaded in the Assembly (Parliament) of the country with party members and told RIA Novosti that do not voluntarily surrender to the police, but willing to negotiate on the peaceful resolution of the situation with the parliamentary leadership.

Earlier the High court in Podgorica ordered the arrest for the term up to two months, the leaders DF Medovich and Nebojša Knežević, as both refused to give evidence in the case of bribery the special Prosecutor Milivoje Catechu. Medovich police this morning was taken to jail.

«That’s barricaded in the Assembly, on the first line of the front… I have already sent a clear signal that will not come willingly with me my colleagues, the deputies of the «Democratic front». The state has all the repressive apparatus that uses against me and my colleagues and our opposition Union. They can try to get power, I told them they have the power, we have faith and see what will be the epilogue,» said knežević.

According to him, at 12.00 (14.00 GMT) the appointment of opposition MPs from the Parliament’s leadership to resolve the conflict, «which in DF no one wants». «But if we have to defend, then we have to protect our lives and our rights and freedoms, which we have roughly taken away for almost three years,» he added.

Knežević previously had already served several months in prison for assaulting a police officer during the meetings of 2015. He is also accused of preparing a coup in Montenegro during the elections in the fall of 2016.