Under the direction of ADZ «Serdobsk» plan to create a steel plant

CC BY 2.0 / maticulous / Penza. View of the city from the «Swallows»of Penza. Archival photoUnder the direction of ADZ «Serdobsk» plan to create a steel plantCC BY 2.0 / maticulous / Penza. View of the city from «Swallows»

The investor from St. Petersburg plans to set up production of metal construction for 45 million rubles on the territory of advancing socio-economic development (TOSER) «Serdobsk» in the Penza region, has informed on Friday a press-service of the Governor and government of the region.

Director of OOO «Synthesis-PRO» (St.-Petersburg) Yury Kornev Thursday at a meeting with the Governor of the Penza region Ivan by Belozertseva presented the investment project, which involves the production of not less than 5 thousand tons of metal structures per year, with the creation of 42 new jobs, and the total investment will exceed 45 million rubles.

«We plan to use the area Serdobsk machine-building plant, preliminary talks with his leadership, we spent twice visited the site, examined several areas», — quotes Korneva press service of the Penza region.

The representative of the investor said that for the project it is planned attraction of credit funds under the joint program of subsidizing the Ministry of economic development and the Federal Corporation for development of small and medium-sized businesses.

The head of the region supported the idea to place the production on the areas of Serdobsk machine-building plant.

«It’s a good thing, given that some of these industrial areas are empty. Need to start production in the Penza region there are a lot of agricultural businesses that are expanding production base and in need of a quality metal. The government of the Penza region is ready to render you assistance in solving organizational and technical issues», — quotes Belozertseva his press service.

The status of ADZ, which allows us to provide investors with tax incentives, has the single-industry town of Serdobsk in March by the government of the Russian Federation. Deputy Minister of economy Valery Mironov had earlier told RIA Novosti that the first resident of this ADZ will be «the Mushroom company», which has the status of the resident of industrial Park «Serdobskiye» and there already implementing an investment project for the construction of high-tech complex for the production of fresh mushrooms.