VEB is ready to deploy a project office in Vladivostok

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in fotomontaggi of Vnesheconombank. Archival photoVEB is ready to deploy a project office in Vladivostok© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

VEB is ready to deploy in Vladivostok project office, said its head Igor Shuvalov.

On Friday, Shuvalov held a meeting in Vladivostok, where the presentation of large investment projects, implementation of which is planned to attract funds of the Corporation of development «WEB.Of the Russian Federation» and other support institutions.

«In any case, no project office cannot substitute that will lead the life on the spot. We need a mayor, it needs a representative to work with Japanese consultants. And there’s no project office is not to substitute. We need responsible people in the administration who will be with us to work on a project of a comfortable urban environment and the urban economy, and we are fully here project office to deploy», — said Shuvalov.

«In the first quarter we expect we’ll come with specific cases. Now came to meet you, aim. Generally we will work on in the framework of the business missions, all institutions will come not just to talk, and to understand the specific case», — said the head of VEB.

He noted that the institutions of support of business will be to gather suggestions and develop them, to come to the region, lay them in your work plan to see what is new in this basket, what works and what doesn’t.

«I hope that today’s meeting marked a new stage that will lead to normal contacts, productive work and to changes here in Vladivostok … I’m sure we have now are results, something to show next year», — told reporters after meeting Vice-the Governor of Primorski Krai Konstantin Bogdanenko.

According to him, the idea is to introduce experience and practice, which received a Federal development institutions to improve the quality of the urban environment in the whole country, in Vladivostok.

On Thursday, Shuvalov with the authorities of Primorye signed a cooperation agreement to improve the quality of urban infrastructure.