«Envy silently». The Russians ridiculed the reproach Finnish journalist of «excessive heating»

© Depositphotos / BelchonockОтопление in the apartment. Archival photo«Envy silently». The Russians ridiculed the reproach Finnish journalist of «excessive heating»© Depositphotos / Belchonock

Users of social networks with irony reacted to the words Finnish journalist, upreknuvshaya Russians in wasteful spending of energy.

Previously Jussi Konttinen said that the residents of the oil powers of heated flat «, even without the need» and ignoring the problem of global warming.

«And, Yes, global warming is coming because of Russia’s Central heating! No other reason,» wrote @YuliyaZhurinа.

«The feeling that a Finnish journalist in his apartment burning fires to keep warm. Envy in silence,» joked @Mazanov_Azer.

«Urgently impose sanctions!», — quipped @goodaaa1.

Some also suggested Konttinen better acquainted with the Russian climate.

«He would have lived in Siberia, I wonder how would be singing,» said Julia boatman in «Vkontakte».

«In Yakutsk minus 44, waiting for global warming, keep up to date,» — joined Victor Adams.

«That we do not waste heat, and in spite of you! We need to understand the difference!», — irony @arzt2001.

The Paris agreement

Most climate scientists hold the theory that in the last century the Earth’s temperature is rising and will continue to grow due to a number of factors, many of which are associated with human activities. In 2015, the number of countries signed the Paris agreement defining the global plan of action to curb global warming.

At the moment the Treaty is ratified by 170 countries, which have pledged to take action to reduce emissions, technological reequipment and adaptation to climate change.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed the commitment of Moscow to the Paris agreements. However, the commitment to climate protection, not all are willing: in the summer of 2017, us President, Donald trump has announced the release of Washington from the Paris agreement.