«He was on the wrong mountain.» The main mystery of Noah’s ark

© RIA Novosti / Liskin of Alexandria Ararat«He was on the wrong mountain.» The main mystery of Noah’s ark© RIA Novosti / Alexander Liskin

Scientists are still trying to find one of the most mysterious relics — the ark of Noah, although the fact of its existence has not been proven. Recently, Iranian researchers made a sensational statement: the ark is not on mount Ararat. About where should look for the greatest sanctity of all Abrahamic religions — millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims — in the material RIA Novosti.

Surprisingly, even in the Bible, contrary to popular belief — not specified the exact location where Noah’s ark landed to the ground. It only States that he stopped «in the mountains of Ararat», without clarification.

This enabled Iranian scientists to assume that a particular Ararat, in modern-day Turkey — not the mountain, referred to in biblical history.

«It is unlikely that the descendants of Noah — the Bible — will move then to the plains of Mesopotamia from there: on their way would have been impassable mountain ranges, and the easiest would be the way by the river Euphrates, which is contrary to the 11th Chapter of Genesis, which says that the descendants of Noah came to Mesopotamia from the East», — convinced the researchers of the Bible society in Iran.

Under the «Ararat mountains» the authors of Genesis likely had in mind the state of Urartu, which existed from the XIII to the VI century BC on the territory of modern Armenia, Eastern Turkey and northwestern Iran. Examining all the biblical evidence about this country, the Iranian researchers came to the conclusion that Noah’s ark to be found on the North-West of Iran.

Archaeologists suggest that the Bible is talking about the grief the Couch Soleiman. On top of this extinct volcano found «the remains of the petrified wood», which, oddly enough, coincide with the description of Noah’s ark in the Bible.

«The mountain Takhti Soleiman is located on the territory never formed part of Urartu,» says religious scholar Ilya Veverka.

In the history of the deluge is an important detail: Noah stuck to the place that first appeared from under the water.

«The reason, according to which mount Ararat is considered the most the biblical mount Ararat, that it is the highest in the region,» explains Veverka.

This tradition is at least two thousand years. The Jewish historian Josephus in the first century of our era wrote that the same mountain is in Armenia.

«There’s people collect resin for the manufacture of amulets. <…> The Armenians call this place «the pier», where the Ark lay forever, and show still preserved its parts», he testified.

Meanwhile, in the Koran, which also have the story of the deluge, as the last refuge of Noah’s ark indicates the mountain al-Judi. «The water abated, it is imperative. The ark came to rest on al-Judi and it was said: «so away with the unjust people!» — reads the Holy book of Islam.

The name of the mountain translates as «elevation». And here is where it is debated for centuries.

The sacred books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam diverge in the indication of the location of Noah’s ark, but unanimous that the flood was. Modern scientists do not refute this hypothesis categorically, and some do support it. In 1996, geologists from Columbia University in the US found indirect evidence of a «Grand flood» in Asia Minor.

Then William Ryan and Walter Pitman found in Northern Turkey and numerous buildings age of about seven and a half thousand years destroyed by flooding. To establish the causes of the disaster, scientists have turned to climate «chronicle» of the Earth — the Arctic glaciers, which tens of thousands of years. The study confirmed that about 7800 years ago the planet began «the rainy season» that lasted about 300 years.

In 1953, a similar description was presented by the American George D. Greene, two years later, the Frenchman Fernand Navarra. In the spring of 1960 during the exercise, the U.S. air force on top of the mountain revealed a «strange anomaly». However, no evidence of its existence — for example, aerial photographs — were never provided.

Despite all these «discoveries», the search for relics continues and «sensation» are duplicated by the media almost every year. And he Noah’s ark and remains one of the greatest mysteries of mankind.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Melnikovite in fotobanka Ararat by Armenia«He was on the wrong mountain.» The main mystery of Noah’s ark© RIA Novosti / Alexander Melnikovite in fotobanka Ararat from Armenia