In Cameroon will be engaged in the reintegration of militants «Boko Haram» in society

© AFP 2018 / Martin Van der BelenВид on the capital of Cameroon. Archival photoIn Cameroon will be engaged in the reintegration of militants «Boko Haram» in society© AFP 2018 / Martin Van der Belen

The President of Cameroon Paul Biya said in his Twitter account about the establishment of a special Committee aimed at the disarmament of armed separatists and militants of the radical Islamist group «Boko Haram» and to ensure their reintegration into society.

«The Committee will be responsible for the organisation, control and management of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration in the North-Western and South-Western regions of the former militant members of Boko Haram and other armed groups, ready to respond positively to the call of the head of state to lay down arms», — stated in the published in Twitter the decree.

In particular, as specified in the document, the Committee would have to collect and subsequently destroy all rebels weapons to create temporary camps to stay, to undertake necessary training to former members of the groups could return to normal life and to provide opportunities to ensure earnings.

The radical Islamist group Boko Haram operates in Nigeria, opposes Western education and seeks the imposition of Sharia law throughout the country. According to human rights organizations, associated with the militants of Boko Haram violent acts in eight years killed about 20 thousand people. Grouping is behind most of the terrorist attacks regularly occurring in response to directed against a military campaign being carried out by Niger, Cameroon and Chad.