In Krasnoyarsk region three villages were left without electricity due to wire breakage

© Fotolia / ѕеап824Линии power. Archival photoIn Krasnoyarsk region three villages were left without electricity due to wire breakage© Fotolia / sean824

Three villages in motiginsky district of Krasnoyarsk Krai de-energized due to wire breakage unspecified technology, reported on the website of IDGC of Siberia.

«The first of December in 14.14 (10.14 GMT) recorded off in motiginsky district of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Dead towns of Bielsk, Motygino and fish. The reason for the shutdown was the wires of overhead power lines unidentified third-party equipment. Now on a scene works team of power engineers. They were able to provide backup power part of socially significant objects»,- stated in the message.

On a place of accident on networks, Motyginskiy district, directed the team Krasnoyarskenergo of nearby Lesosibirsk. The company said that the work is complicated by the complex conditions for delivery teams need to overcome three crossings, including across the Angara and the Yenisei. Branch Krasnoyarskenergo transferred to a special mode of operation. Organized by the headquarters of the government of Krasnoyarsk Krai, the operational headquarters of IDGC of Siberia. From Krasnoyarsk in the area of headed guide Krasnoyarskenergo and the representative of the regional Ministry of housing.

According to the service Yandex, now in Motygino minus 24 degrees. In the regional emergency Department reported that on elimination of accident work 36 people and two vehicles.