In the Urals the owner of the Internet resource, was arrested on charges of fraud

CC0 / Public Domain / Detention.Archival photoIn the Urals the owner of the Internet resource, was arrested on charges of fraudCC0 / Public Domain /

Court in Yekaterinburg on Saturday arrested until January 25, owner of a number of Internet resources Alexander Ustinov, who is charged with fraud, according to Sverdlovsk regional court.

«Verkh-Isetskiy district court of Ekaterinburg has satisfied the petition of the investigator for election of a measure of restraint in form of detention is the author of the Telegram channels «Ustinov trolls» and «deep Governor» Alexander Ustinov. He is suspected under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code. Arrest on January 25, 2019″, — stated in the message.

On Thursday a number of local media, among which were and, announced the arrest of Ural political strategist Ustinov at the Hyatt hotel in Yekaterinburg for the transfer of money. According to media reports, the author of the Telegram channel, were caught red-handed by the staff of management on fight against economic crime of GU Ministry of internal Affairs.

Later artemovski machine-building plant «Ventprom» made a statement about the arrest of Ustinov, who is suspected of extorting money from the enterprise management, local authorities, high-ranking politicians and businessmen for publikaciju discrediting information.

«The twenty-ninth of November, the staff of management on fight against economic crimes of the interior Ministry in the Sverdlovsk region detained the actual owner of a number of different Internet resources Alexander Ustinov. Over a long period by a group of persons which included Mr. Ustinov, spread untrue information, the defamatory nature concerning the management of JSC «AMZ Ventprom»…», — reads the statement of the plant.

According to preliminary information, the international group, which, in addition to Ustinov, were citizens of Ukraine, was created for the organization of fraudulent schemes and extortion by the online distribution of false information about individuals and organizations, says the company.

«To publish is actually fictional materials organised «group Ustinova» used controlled Internet resources other than the official media. Mr. Ustinov was detained after the transfer of the monetary amount in exchange for the termination do not meet the law of action in relation to the management of the enterprise. There is every reason to believe that the detainee knowingly was aware of the falsity of the disseminated information, their defamatory nature, the ability to jeopardize the job, «Ventprom», customer relationships and well-being of employees at work», — reads the statement.

The detention took place in the framework of the criminal case instituted under article of the criminal code «Fraud committed by an organized group or in especially large size» at the request of the management of JSC «AMZ «Ventprom», stresses the plant.

The interior Ministry in the Sverdlovsk region has so far refrained from comment.