Prime Minister of Spain spoke at the G20 for reform of the WTO

© AFP 2018 / Fabrice CoffriniШтаб-apartment world Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Archival fooPrime Minister of Spain spoke at the G20 for reform of the WTO© 2018 AFP / Fabrice Coffrini

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez, speaking at the summit of «Big twenty», held in Buenos Aires, supported the reform of the world trade organization (WTO).

Spain is not formally a member of the «twenty», however, participates in the summit as a permanent invitee for the.

According to the government of Spain, the head of the Cabinet supported the reform and modernization of the WTO and stated the need to strengthen the international financial system to «build security globally, which was opposed to a possible new crisis.» «A required adequately funded IMF, which was the basis of ensuring the financial, economic and social stability for our countries,» added Sanchez.

In addition, as priorities are the development of «fair, modern and efficient» tax system and combat tax evasion.

Sanchez also called for the establishment of a mechanism of regulation of cryptoclub on a global level with the aim of «the protection of consumers, investors, ensure market integrity, cyber security, and combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism,» said the government.

The Spanish Premier urged the G20 leaders to strengthen a multipolar system, and the main objectives of the international community today, he considers climate change, migration, inequality, technological change.

During the working Breakfast, the Spanish Prime Minister called on world leaders to draw attention to the problem of gender inequality, since the real equality of men and women, in his words, «the most powerful tool for creating growth and opportunity». «Economic, political and social empowerment of women is not only a question of justice for 50% of humanity, but also a source of economic growth and prosperity,» said Sanchez, calling on other leaders to work together to make this theme became one of Central in the agenda of the «Big twenty».

He also stated the need to improve the quality of the conditions of employment.

On the sidelines of the summit the head of the Spanish government met with the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde, and the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri.Prime Minister of Spain spoke at the G20 for reform of the WTO© RIA Novosti, Infographics»Big twenty» in the numbers