Sex education in schools should not be corruption, I believe in ROC

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova fotomontajes in one of the Moscow schools during the lesson. Archival photoSex education in schools should not be corruption, I believe in ROC© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

Sex education in schools should not turn to leading to various diseases the corruption of children and the promotion of homosexual, provoking the decline in the birth rate, said the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion. He was commenting on Saturday in the program «Church and world» data VTSIOM, according to which 60% of parents support the idea of sex education in schools.

«I think that children need to tell something not only about the sex, but also about the dangers associated with early sexual life, with promiscuous sexual relationships, including the danger of Contracting AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, we should not start with younger students and with the age, when the first risks for these children. And to talk about the subject of relations between the sexes should be people who know how to talk about it soberly and not to turn the lessons in the corruption of children,» said the Metropolitan.

According to him, through such training, children are often «imposed stereotypes that are almost mainstream in Western society», which is, he said, «a systematic work on the promotion of non-traditional sexual orientation.» «That is the issue not the fact of sexual education, and how and by whom it will be conducted,» – said the Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He believes that homosexuality «is something acquired». «But I think that it can be purchased in the very early stages of human development. Now the West is dominated by the view that it is innate and requires no correction. On the contrary, if a person feels himself to be, he should be given the same rights that are given to couples,» said Metropolitan Hilarion.

According to him, this vicious and erroneous tactics. «It affects, in particular, to further fertility decline in Western countries. But most importantly, affect the moral character of these countries», – concluded the Metropolitan.