The European Parliament has proposed to refuse the issuance of passports to foreign investors

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy fotobanka in the EU at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Archival photoThe European Parliament has proposed to refuse the issuance of passports to foreign investors© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

In the European Parliament a draft resolution on the relations between the EU and Russia, which contains the proposal of the European countries to stop the program allowing foreigners of third countries to receive investments for the so-called «Golden passport» of the EU.

At the same time in the same document expressed «condemnation of the unjustified ban on EU politicians, including current and former members of the European Parliament and officials of the EU access to Russian territory» and «call for the immediate and unconditional lifting of the ban on entry».

A scheme called «Golden visa» allows, in particular, foreign investors to obtain Cypriot passport. Program granting residence permit in exchange for investments was also at Malta, Austria and Ireland.

The author submitted to the Committee on foreign Affairs initiatives, the MEP from Latvia Sandra Kalniete, a European Parliament proposes to fix the resolution «On the state of relations between Russia and the EU,» the wording about the need for «solid, consistent and coordinated sanctions against Russia the EU’s position» and «further coordination and coherence in the foreign policy approach of the EU towards Russia».

«EP calls in this context on member States to stop the program «gold visas and passports», — said in the draft.

In may of this year representatives of the European Commission at the hearings in the European Parliament on the issue of granting foreign investors the «Golden visas» and urged the participating countries to carefully evaluated applicants, while at the hearing reference was made to the citizens of China and Russia.