The FSIN commented on the new video from colony Tsepovyaz

© Photo : mzk1.guacala Tsepovyaz in the colonyThe FSIN commented on the new video from colony Tsepovyaz© Photos :

The press service of the FSIN commented on the new video from the penal colony №3 in the Amur region, where he is serving the punishment Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz of «gangs Tsapkov». As stated by the Agency, the video was not in the chamber Tsepovyaz, and the room of psychological relief.

We are talking about the video where Tsepovyaz imprinted with other people, probably also prisoners. They are all sitting in a room with blue walls, it has a soft furniture and a TV. The voice-over says that the room «did repair, to breathe easier». Some media said that this room is a prison cell Tsepovyaz.

The press service of the Federal penitentiary service said that the video refers to the same time period that caused the scandal of the photos, that is, to 2015-2016 years.

According to the representative of the penitentiary Department, now in this video there is a check in the framework of the criminal case initiated after the publication of the photographs.

Delicacies for the prisoner

In early November, a scandal erupted after the media published photos of the colony in the Amur region, where Tsepovyaz is serving a sentence. In the pictures he poses in uniform with mobile phone in hand, and on the table his food is not from the prison menu: crabs, barbecue and red caviar.

After that, the colony started checking. It showed that Tsepovyaz was special conditions. This was expressed not only in the expensive products, but also the provision of additional visits, the possibility to freely use mobile and landline phones, as well as meet with other prisoners, which by law he has no right to talk. In addition, he corresponded regularly with his son, sending him messages to different numbers of mobile operators.

As for delicacies, they brought Tsepovyaz each month in the amount of from 30 to 60 thousand rubles. As said the official representative of the Prosecutor General Alexander Kurennoy on the channel «Ether», a friend visited Tsepovyaz one to three times per month. The total weight of the «Goodies» could exceed thirty pounds, although inmates are allowed to receive parcels not heavier than twenty pounds. In addition to expensive varieties of cheese, sausages, red fish and caviar, Tsepovyaz was also getting raw meat, despite the fact that the conditions of detention prisoners are not allowed to cook for themselves.

In addition, Tsepovyaz was breaking the rules for the prisoners when he worked as a beekeeper. He was supposed to be in the apiary only at a certain time, from the camera to the place of work it was to accompany the guards.

«Tsepovyaz these conditions are not complied with, the administration of the colony, respectively, allowed him to do it. That is, I wouldn’t say that quite freely, but in an unspecified time, he could move out of control, to see bees, barbecue,» — said the Colonel.

As a result of Investigative Committee opened against employees of a colony criminal case about abuse of authority.

And he Tsepovyaz was in solitary confinement. As told in the FPS, the reason for this was the violation of the order of the day: the prisoner did not appear at Breakfast.

It’s all in the divorce?

He Tsepovyaz insisted that the photos were fake. In his opinion, the publication of the images associated with the divorce process and division of property with Natalia Trishna, and fabrication needed in order to put pressure on the court.

In addition, Tsepovyaz was outraged by the violent reaction of the photo.

«It turns out that acidemia society denies sitting half in the right to eat properly, by eating the delicacies. Maybe there was some cause and prisoners, and together they made a holiday», — said in a statement.

Defender Tsepovyaz Elbrus Murtazov, for his part, said that he was preparing a libel suit.

The lawyer Edward Churgulia representing the interests of ex-wife Tsepovyaz, admitted that she gave to law enforcement pictures, among which could be scandalous pictures of lunch.

According to Gurgulia, Strashnaya addressed to militiamen and gave them photos to «prevent the seizure of the business owned by her and her children.» The complaint she filed late last and during the present years. And the Federal penitentiary service, according to the lawyer, on the basis of these documents, even in the summer, revealed violations of the regime when the content Tsepovyaz.

Churgulia also said that Tsepovyaz claims to his former wife and her firm blocks its economy, employing more than 350 people. The total amount of claims exceeds 600 million rubles.

Murder in the village Kushchevskaya

The FSIN commented on the new video from colony Tsepovyaz© RIA Novosti / Sergey Poweroperated in fotobanka lives Kuschevka eight years after the mass wristwatches Tsepovyaz is serving a sentence in the case of mass murder in the village Kushchevskaya. The fifth of November 2010 in the house of a local farmer discovered the charred body with stab wounds. Just killed 12 people, the owners of the house the couple Server and Galina Ametova, their 19-year-old daughter and granddaughter, which was less than a year, their neighbours — the mother and son, as well as guests from Rostov-on-don — businessman Vladimir Mironenko, his two daughters, the wife and her parents. The house the criminals had set on fire to conceal the crime.

After a while the perpetrators of the murder found that it was members of the gang Sergey Hoe. In November 2013, the Krasnodar regional court sentenced the Hoe to life imprisonment, but he died of illness in July 2014 in prison, which was pending against the sentence.

Life got also Vladimir Alekseev and Igor Chernykh. Tsepovyaz the court appointed twenty years of imprisonment, the same Nicholas Capku, and Vladimir Zaporozhets — 19 years.