The opposition in Venezuela asks London not to return to the country of 14 tons of gold

© AP Photo / Mike GrollЗолотые bars. Archival photoThe opposition in Venezuela asks London not to return to the country of 14 tons of gold© AP Photo / Mike Groll

Two opposition parties of Venezuela «Justice above all» and «Narodnaya Volya» — appealed to the Bank of England not to return to the country of Venezuela gold, as these resources can be used to tighten repression against those who disagree with the policies of President Nicolas Maduro.

According to the EFE news portal, the party sent a separate letter to London, where he explained the motives of his conversion. «Without any doubt, the intention of Maduro and his regime is to steal these resources, which belong to the people, and use them for their own personal benefit or the funding of even greater repression,» – said in the text of the letter signed by politicians, Julio Borges and Carlos Vecchio.

All we are talking about approximately 14 tonnes of gold worth 550 million dollars in the vaults of the Bank of England. In 2012, Venezuela was returned to its territory from Europe of 160 tons of gold, totaling about $ 9 billion. Approximately 15% (50 tonnes) of its gold in Venezuela have left abroad to conduct financial transactions. Engaged at the time President Hugo Chavez said that Caracas had planned to place operational international reserves to «friendly» countries — Brazil, China and Russia.

The President of the United States Donald trump November 1 ordered to impose sanctions aimed at blocking the operations of Venezuela, with its gold reserves. As the document says, the U.S. administration intended to prevent the authorities of the Latin American countries, in particular, to «plunder the wealth of Venezuela to their own corrupt purposes» and «damage the infrastructure of Venezuela and the ecology of the country through wasteful management».

Initially, Venezuela send their gold for processing in Switzerland and then returned home, however, after the introduction of the EU sanctions in 2018, the government of Nicolas Maduro was to use Turkey.