The producer of «the battle of psychics» responded to the accusations of «treachery» show

© Fotolia / fotofrankЭкстрасенсорные abilities. Archival photoThe producer of «the battle of psychics» responded to the accusations of «treachery» show© Fotolia / fotofrank

Reports that participants in the «battle of the psychics» allegedly offered to pay for the release of the final project do not correspond to reality, told RIA Novosti the producer of the show Maria shaikevich.

«Battle of the psychics» for many years, is not only one of the popular shows on Russian television, but also the main event in the world of esotericism. To get the project dream of thousands of psychics, but most can not stand the most severe selection. These are the offended magicians and invent stories about the fact that in order to get into the «Battle» supposedly need to pay. To buy shares in our show, in the final or win it is impossible», — said shaikevich.

She advised psychics who want to get into the show, «not to save money, and to develop their abilities».

Earlier, former member of the project in an anonymous interview to TV channel «360» stated that he was offered to go to the final for 450 thousand rubles. According to him, all participants are editors. Before the tests they are given all the necessary information, obtained in advance by the producers.

«The battle of psychics» — a Russian television show on the TNT channel about the superpowers. In February 2017, the program received an award from the Ministry of education for the promotion of pseudoscience.