The UN requires: gasoline should cost more than $ 60 per liter

© AFP 2018 / Jack GuezГроза in Netanya, IsraelThe UN requires: gasoline should cost more than $ 60 per liter© 2018 AFP / Jack Guez

Next week in the Polish city of Katowice, opened the UN conference on climate change. In a specially prepared report by the international group of experts proposes to radically limit the use of fossil fuels — coal, oil and gas. What are the chances of implementing these ideas and how much it will cost gasoline — in the material RIA Novosti.

The struggle for half a degree

The main points and proposals to be discussed at the conference known as the world public opinion on this issue are preparing for a long time.

In early October, the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) raised the Central position of its report. Of course, we are talking about the catastrophic consequences of global warming.

The authors of the document 90 scientists from forty countries report that since the beginning of the industrial era, that is, over the past half century, the average temperature on earth has increased by one degree.

«This resulted in more frequent extreme weather events and melting Arctic ice, raising the level of the World ocean», — stated in the report.

According to forecasts of experts, by the end of this century temperatures will rise another degree. This can not be allowed, according to the organization, and humanity is obliged at any price to stop global warming at around one and a half degrees above pre-industrial levels.

«This will reduce adverse effects on ecosystem health and human well-being that will facilitate the achievement of «sustainable development Goals» program, adopted by the UN,» says the co — chair of the group of experts on climate Priyadarshi Shukla.

In particular, according to the climatologists, if you increase global temperature by half a degree by 2100, Global sea level will rise not so much: ten centimeters less than the warming at two degrees. While corals will be reduced only by 70-90%, while warming to two degrees Celsius will destroy more than 99% of living reefs.

«The difference between rising global temperatures and a half and two degrees is the difference between the «Hungry wars» and «Mad max» — says one of the members of the expert group, Jonathan Miltner from the American Fund for economic education.

Corals or gasoline?

Only the «broad and sweeping changes» in the global economy can prevent climate catastrophe, says IPCC report.

«If you want to slow down global warming up to a degree, the net carbon emissions on a global scale needs to be reduced to zero in 2050, said UN expert Valerie Masson-Delmotte. Is the most important conclusion of the document.»

To achieve this goal, the members of the intergovernmental group of experts offer a number of non-trivial measures, which amounts to the complete abandonment of fossil fuels — oil, gas and coal. First and foremost, in their opinion, need to stop using coal energy.

«Coal has the highest carbon content among fossil fuels, says the IPCC expert Jim SKE. — Therefore, must be abandoned by mid-century.»

According to the International energy Agency, today in the world there are about ten thousand coal power plants with capacity over 30 MW, they generate over 40% of all electricity. It turns out that to meet the requirements of the UN experts you need to close an average of one station every day.

Note that coal is the cheapest fuel for power generation, what explains the abundance of coal-fired power plants. The transition to other fuels or methods of generating electricity will inevitably hit the pockets of consumers.

But the rejection of coal power — not the odious proposal of the UN experts. They also want to radically reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel. For this propose draconian environmental taxes.

The UN wants by 2030 all countries have implemented environmental tax of $ 5,500 per ton of carbon dioxide, which translates to about 13 dollars per liter of gasoline or diesel. By 2100, the tax is proposed to increase five times to $ 65 per litre of fuel (27 000 dollars per tonne of carbon dioxide).

According to the portal Globalpetroltprices, the average price of gasoline in the world right now is 1.1 dollars per liter, diesel — 1.05 dollar. Thus, the UN experts demand to increase the cost of fuel in 12 times over the next 12 years and more than 60 times by the end of the century.


The idea of ecological tax, to put it mildly, unpopular among the population. Witness the riots in France, continued for the third week.

According to recent reports, the demonstrations against the increase in fuel prices due to environmental taxes have taken part more than 200 thousand people across the country. In clashes with police killed more than a hundred were injured.

The explanations of the authorities that the increase in fuel cost is the fee for the environmentally friendly future that the money plan to spend on renewable energy and that France will reduce its dependence on oil, are not found the protesters to no response.

Most notably, on the brink of civil war France was for a purely symbolic price increase of fuel. Petrol prices in the country from January 1 is expected to increase by 2.9 cents, diesel by 6.5 cents per litre at today’s price of 1.46 euros per liter.

We are talking about the price increase from two percent to 4.5 percent, for which the President of France Emmanuel macron has already paid the drop in the rating from 40% in July to a record twenty percent. It is easy to imagine what will happen to the career politician who talks seriously about the multiple price increases on gasoline to fight global warming.

It is no coincidence that Donald trump said this week he did not believe the report’s conclusions about the negative consequences of global warming for the U.S. economy. In a paper presented by researchers from 13 American ministries and agencies, in particular, it is argued that climate change could cost the United States ten percent of GDP by the end of the century.

In the apocalyptic prophesies of the environmentalists refuse to believe not only politicians. So, a Professor at the University of Colorado’s Roger pielke stresses that while there is no evidence of a link between an increase in extreme weather events and global warming.

«Even the experts of the IPCC admit that there is no reason to claim that the number of droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes has increased due to greenhouse gases,» he wrote on Twitter.

«A huge tax, which the intergovernmental panel on climate change considers necessary measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, normal people regard as blatant theft — indicates American analytical portal The Daily Caller. — The constant theft of public money under the pretext of climate change has only aggravated the situation.»

The publication stresses that no funds are not enough to meet the needs of leaders, it is expected that people will simply reject the past in the name of any agendas that the elites are trying to scare the population.

«We are talking not about climate change, and the desire to steal money from those who are on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, those who consider themselves above all,» says The Daily Caller.