«Chaif» has no claims to S7 because of the heat on Board

© E1.RU Ekaterinburg Onlineare on Board the aircraft, which flew the group Chaif«Chaif» has no claims to S7 because of the heat on Board© E1.RU Yekaterinburg Online

Members of the rock group «Chaif» have no claims to S7 airlines on Board aircraft which during flight Novosibirsk – Ekaterinburg there was a failure in the HVAC system, said RIA Novosti press-attache of the musicians Marina Zalogina.

Earlier the journalist of a portal of E1, which flew with the artists on the same flight, reported that passengers have long held the bus doors open on the tarmac when the air temperature around minus 25 degrees. In the plane, according to the publication, it became difficult to breathe because of the hot air coming from the vents. Some passengers had to bring the smelling salts, water and wet towels, and neither the pilot nor the flight attendants were unable to explain the causes of PE, added media.

«Our last tour ended in Irkutsk, from Irkutsk flew to Novosibirsk, from Novosibirsk I flew home. And, in fact, on this flight it happened today. Like any good business in Russia, our tour ended bath. To any claim (was) to the airline, it is not. Sense of humor helps,» – said the Agency interlocutor.