In France one person died in traffic accidents caused by barricades

© SputnikВо France protests against rising gasoline prices. 1 December 2018In France one person died in traffic accidents caused by barricades© Sputnik

The driver of a small van was killed in the night of Sunday in the district of Arles, Bouches-du-rhône in the Southeast of France in a traffic accident caused by the barricades of the «yellow jackets,» according to the newspaper Monde, referring to the Prosecutor of the commune of Tarascon Patrick-Desjardins.

«This accident is directly linked to the barricades «yellow jackets», which led to the formation of a traffic jam ten kilometers… a Small van at full speed collided with a truck, and then was hit by another car» — the newspaper quoted-Desjardins.

According to the Prosecutor, as a result of «strong blow» the driver of the van died and the driver of the truck was hospitalized with light herbs. As notes the edition, at present the Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.

According to the latest data, as a result of large-scale protests began on 17 November, three people were killed.

During the riots that gripped the French capital on Saturday, was arrested 412 persons, 387 of them remain in custody on Sunday morning. Injured during the protests got 133 people, including 23 security men.

Macron, speaking Saturday evening at a press conference in Argentina, strongly condemned the violence during protests in France and stressed that those responsible will be installed.

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