Iran stated that its missile program does not violate UN resolutions

© Fotolia / Emanuele MazzoniПанорама Tehran, Iran. Archival photoIran stated that its missile program does not violate UN resolutions© Fotolia / Emanuele Mazzoni

Iran’s foreign Ministry in response to allegations of test a ballistic missile, said that the missile programme of the country does not violate United Nations resolutions, is reported in the statement of the official representative office of Bahram qasemi on the official website of the foreign Ministry of Iran.

«Iranian missile program is defensive in nature and designed in accordance with the needs of the country. No resolution of the UN security Council does not prohibit missile program and Iranian missile tests,» said qasemi.

Earlier, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that Iran has tested a ballistic medium-range missiles in violation of UN security Council resolution. According to him, the test violates the security Council resolution UN 2231. Pompeo added that the U.S. condemns such actions and call upon Iran to immediately cease all actions related to ballistic missiles intended to deliver nuclear weapons.