Medina reported the discovery of evidence of the feat of the Panfilov

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in Photobacterium memory of 28 heroes Panfilov. Archival photoMedina reported the discovery of evidence of the feat of the Panfilov© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

The Russian military-historical society was discovered in the archives a deed, confirming that the battle with the participation of 28 Panfilov really was, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky in the author’s column in «the Russian newspaper».

In 2015 published the reference report of the chief military Prosecutor of the USSR Nikolay Afanasyev «Of the 28 Panfilov,» where he reported that some of the presumed dead characters were alive and the story about the feat appeared in November 1941 with the filing of one of the war correspondents whose material named in the certificate, report, fiction. Director of the Russian state Archives Sergei Mironenko in June 2015 at the world Congress of Russian press in Moscow called the feat of 28 Panfilov myth.

«Now we can put the point over point. The Russian military-historical society the last two years led searches in the archives. And here is luck. In the fall of 2018 declassified case classified as «SMERSH» 1942-1944, which discovered three new evidence that the battle of the 28 Panfilov was, two new descriptions of battle, many details of the circumstances surrounding the feat, say, the words of political Commissar Klochkov «nowhere to Retreat,» wrote Medina.

He stressed that the fight and of the 28 Panfilov always spoken of as a symbol, but now discovered documents attesting to the authenticity of the incident. In his article the Minister also quoted the declassified documents.

«You never wondered why procrastinate over and over again the same «new» details around the 28 Panfilov heroes, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Gastello, pioneers-heroes «Young guard» Alexander Matrosov, trying to somehow nullify their exploits?… I think that’s why. Russia — a country of heroes. Our historical fate determined the particular Russian type of resistance. Ultimate manifestation — sacrifice. And 28, and Zoe, and Sailors, and the young, and then — all the Holy martyrs out of religious context,» said Medina, adding that the controversy surrounding them have ideological character.