Netanyahu commented on the police statement on the case of corruption

© REUTERS / Pool/Abir SultanПремьер Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly meeting in Jerusalem. 18 Nov 2018Netanyahu commented on the police statement on the case of corruption© REUTERS / Pool/Abir Sultan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the police recommendation to indict him and his wife of corruption charges does not have legal force, and expressed confidence that the Prosecutor will not find grounds for submitting the case to the court.

The police announced that the investigation of the so-called «case of 4000» gathered enough evidence of the corrupt nature of the relationship of the couple Netanyahu with the leadership of the country’s largest telecommunications company «Bezeq». According to investigators, the head of the government promoted its interests in exchange for favorable coverage of its activities, Netanyahu controlled the company’s popular Internet news site Walla.

«The recommendation of the police have no legal force. Only recently, authorities rejected the recommendation of the police against a number of public figures. I am sure that in this case they studied the matter will come to the same conclusion — nothing, because nothing happened,» — said in a statement released on behalf of Netanyahu.

The materials of the case, together with its recommendations, the police reports in the Prosecutor General’s office, which will decide whether to indict the charges involved in the case.