«Our king Valery Viktorovich». In St. Petersburg, gluconal was selling passports to non-existent state

© Photo from personal archive Valeria Shanvalley Sukhanov«Our king Valery Viktorovich». In St. Petersburg, gluconal was selling passports to non-existent state© Photo from personal archive of Valery Sukhanov

In St. Petersburg are investigating the case of the sale of passports to a non-existent island nation ASPI. A profitable business was organized by former captain Valery Sukhanov. He invented the Kingdom, proclaimed himself his Consul and began to sell passports and driver’s license. Regular buyer, the police revealed recently. Future «citizens» pseudomonal fingerprinted, and when the subjects of the Kingdom with strange documents were detained, did not hesitate to come to the station to investigate.

«Show photos with palm trees»

«The Consul of the Free Islands of the Kingdom of ASPI. Help with citizenship and registration» — these cards were distributed at the hay market in St. Petersburg Valery Sukhanov. On the proposal to acquire a passport the small but proud state in the Pacific responded mostly immigrants from neighboring countries. At this point in the case are six buyers of false documents. The latter revealed last week.

But the police suppose that there is much more simple, until they came in sight.

«People naturally didn’t know what to buy passport non-existent country. Sukhanov told them that ASPI is a small island state. For reliability even with the palm trees shown. Buyers believed. Moreover, in addition to the cards, he made himself a consular card, with all the press,» — told RIA Novosti the Center «e» GU MVD of Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Acquired documents visitors from Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Each had their own reason to become a citizen of ASPI. For example, are involved in a Scam Pakistani arrived in Saint Petersburg to study medicine. Two years later the validity of his passport expired, but at home the student decided not to return. Instead, got a passport of the Kingdom.

Point in the Pacific ocean

«State» has its own website. It says that ASPI is Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy.

Specified and the coordinates of the capital of the country, which, however, will not find even tiny Islands. It’s just an arbitrary point in the Pacific ocean.

But there is a Constitution, according to which «Free Island ASPI the labor and health of people, establish a guaranteed minimum wage, provided by the state family support, motherhood, paternity and childhood». In ASPI «everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and speech», banned censorship, and medicine — free.

But not everything is rosy. In the country, for example, abolished the death penalty. However, the accused has the right «to the consideration of his case by the court with participation of jurymen».

Belarusian residence permit for citizens of the world

Made Valery Sukhanov not only a passport but also an international driving license. The website says that they are valid on the territory of 200 countries. «The certificate can be obtained in the police force ASPI. The validity period is ten years. Rights are made on plastic with a hologram and a magnetic stripe on which is recorded all the information about the owner,» the website reported.

Sukhanov admits that none of the buyers passports about the virtual status of his state, he announced. «If they came to me, as if asking to make them a passport, why should I refuse? They had to first study the information on the website, then.»

Fraud charges he considers baseless. «The police must first prove that our activities are illegal. From the point of view of international law it will be difficult, given that diplomatic relations between Russia and ASPI no. If the court proves our guilt, we are ready to apologize to the Russian government. We just didn’t know that in Russia it is impossible to work with our passports…»