Putin commented on the plot of the movie «hunter Killer»

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Russian President Vladimir Putin called the improbable and fantastic events described in the American Thriller Donovan Marsh’s «hunter Killer», which was recently released.

At a press conference after the G20 summit in Buenos Aires journalists asked Putin to share your opinion about the film. When the journalist began to retell the story, in which the President of Russia seized hostages at a military base in the Arctic, and then it saves the commander of an American nuclear submarine, Putin said: «our base?».

«Already unlikely scenario. Fantastic. Two small boats donated by the United States Ukraine, we have not gone through the Kerch Strait, and you want nuclear-powered submarine went to our base?» — said Putin.

«Bad movie,» he said and, waving his hands, the laughter of the journalists left.

«A bad movie»

Later, the journalist of the newspaper «Kommersant» Andrei Kolesnikov, who failed until the end to ask a question about the film at a press conference, was able to communicate with Putin directly.

According to the journalist, in the film, saying that the Russian President has disgraced the United States in Syria and the Crimea, and he wanted to ask Putin to comment on this idea.

Kolesnikov said that the President probably wanted to hear the question. «He said, «don’t know». Shrugged, said in fact, we cooperate with them in Syria… He said: «I say a bad movie,» — said the journalist.

The plot of the film

The Thriller «hunter Killer» tells about an American submarine, whose crew involved in the rescue of the Russian President from the rebels. It is played by such actors as Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Ethan Baird and others.

In the U.S. the film was released on 19 October and has collected more than $ 13 million.

In Russia the film was released in early November, but then had no rental license, so as first copy of the film that distributors handed over to the state film Fund, was of poor quality.

Due to the lack of confirmation of the delivery of the film for permanent storage of the culture at first was not given the rental license — they managed to get it a week later.

In connection with the plot number, the media speculated that the film release is not for censorship reasons, but in conversation with journalists the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky calling it «extremely stupid» but not violating the laws.