The lawyer told about the consequences facilitate obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

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Relief, which will allow Ukrainians in Lite mode to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation to visit Russia without restrictions, will allow a democratic change of power in Ukraine, said lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky.

This week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko wrote on Twitter that Ukraine imposed restrictions on the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation males aged from 16 to 60 years. The Russians are already getting from the Ukrainian border, mass denials of entry to Ukraine at the airports of this country.

On the eve of President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Buenos Aires said that Russia will not impose any retaliatory restrictions against the citizens of Ukraine, but rather facilitate the conditions of their stay in Russia and receive Russian citizenship. The Russian foreign Ministry said that this decision demonstrates the good intentions of Russia against Ukrainians.

According to Agranovsky, the Russian approach to this issue is reasonable and corresponds to all norms of international law. Ukrainians who are sympathetic to the Russians and consider them brothers in the future can initiate the process of democratic change of power in Ukraine, the lawyer told RIA Novosti.

«This is a reasonable approach. This approach, which is in the spirit of international law, European legal instruments, in particular the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. In my opinion, the limits imposed by the regime Poroshenko, and so it should be called, they are illegal, they restrict freedom of movement, though in an arbitrary way. Theoretically, when countries are at war, can certainly be introduced some limitations. However, for the imposition of martial law, and not even the whole of Ukraine, and only in some parts of the country were absolutely worthless, inadequate reason. The restrictions imposed on citizens of Russia absolutely inadequate to this occasion, violate European norms of the Convention,» he said.

Agranovsky noted that in Ukraine there are a huge number of people dissatisfied with the current regime who feel themselves to be brothers with the Russians, and these people long time to use to «democratically, legally and under international law to regime change in Ukraine.»

«The Russian initiative is a good intent towards the Ukrainians, and the desire of our country to compliance with international legal standards. I don’t see any reason to obstruct communication with our country the Ukrainians who want to be friends with Russia or just have joint commercial interests. All, in my opinion, which contributes to reintegration of our space is good and appropriate. I welcome it and as a patriot, and as a lawyer and public figure,» added the lawyer.

Agranovsky concluded that the lack of response from the Western countries on Ukraine imposed restrictions demonstrates double standards operated by Europeans and Americans.