The Russian film «the World» on Donbass won a prize at the film festival in Tallinn

© Film company «New people»awarding the prize of the international film festival of the Dark night in Tallinn Denis Shabaev. 1.12.18The Russian film «the World» on Donbass won a prize at the film festival in Tallinn© Film company «New people»

Russian movie Denis Shabaev, «the World» won the main prize of the contest of experimental cinema at the International film festival «Dark nights» in Tallinn, reported RIA Novosti, the General producer of the picture Natalia mokritskaya.

The award ceremony was held on Saturday. The premiere of the film «the World» was held June, in the framework of the competition «Kinotavr».

«We are very pleased that our humble picture so appreciated by the international jury. The Grand prize experimental film Rebels with a cause — a serious bid for the future. This means that in our Russian cinema was born a new author. Denis Shabaev — remember that name,» said mokritskaya.

The film «the World» is happening in the Donbass these days. The film’s protagonist – the Slovak World, which leaves the life of an emigrant in England and sent to the LC. His mission, he sees the restoration of the symbols of the Soviet Empire the statues of Lenin, miners, workers. The actors in the film are not professional, each character «plays itself», translates her story.