Volunteers from 120 countries have helped with medical and social institutions

© Press-service of the year of the volunteer (volunteer) to Rasseivateli from 120 countries have helped with medical and social institutionsVolunteers from 120 countries have helped with medical and social institutions© Press-service of the year of the volunteer (volunteer) in Russia

At the Bottom of good deeds, which is part of the useful program of the International forum of volunteers, the volunteers got acquainted with the peculiarities of social, environmental and medical volunteering, and also helped major charities, nonprofit organizations and social institutions. In total, the forum participants visited 40 locations in Moscow and Moscow region, the press service of the Year of the volunteer (volunteer) in Russia.

Activists visited the hospital wards and hospices all-Russian movement «Volunteer doctors» and charitable foundations, where he conducted creative workshops and performances for patients in wards and institutions, and helped decorate for the New year.

«In my childhood I dreamed to be a doctor and work in scientific research Institute Sklifosovsky. Life has made adjustments, and now I teach at the Birobidzhan medical College, taught paramedics and coordinate volunteer support sporting events in our region. Today I touched my dream and visited the heart ambulance of Russia», — shared her impressions the participant of the forum of Jewish Autonomous region Yevgeny Duhovnikov.

Dozens participated, and the foreign volunteers: they learned details about the Program UN volunteers, met with volunteer activities in the Park «Zaryadye» and attended classes on land navigation from rescue movement «Liza Alert».

«I first participated in this event and I can say that the affected: volunteers, regardless of weather conditions and time of day, on his heart searching for the missing. I live in Germany, but was born in China, and we have no such organizations. What makes these people admirable,» he shared the emotions of participation in the training «Lisa Alert» volunteer Chen Xin.

Together with activists in a Day of good deeds was attended by head of the Directorate for the Year of the volunteer in Russia Ksenia Razuvaev and ambassadors of the year of the volunteer — musician Sergey Lazarev and Director General of «Glavkino» Ilya Bachurin.

International forum of volunteers will continue on 3-4 December at ENEA business software. The event will end on 5 December with a festive concert dedicated to the National volunteer day, where will be announced the winners of the national competition «Volunteer of Russia».