Cartoon «Ralph against the Internet» again headed the Russian car at the weekend

© Photo : Disney cartoon 2018Кадр Ralph against the InternetCartoon «Ralph against the Internet» again headed the Russian car at the weekend© Photo : Disney 2018

American animated film «Ralph against the Internet» the second time was headed by Russian hire by the end of the weekend, its box-office takings amounted to 215,6 million rubles, said on Monday portal

Cartoon «Ralph against the Internet» — the continuation grossing animated film of 2012, Disney studios directed by rich Moore and Phil Johnson. This time the main characters Ralph and Vanellope von Cupcake outside the hall of slot machines and set out to conquer the vast expanses of the Internet. For two weeks the cartoon has gathered 682,6 million rubles.

In second place was the film «Robin hood: the Beginning» directed by Otto Bathurst. A film about the early years of the legendary noble thief during the first week of hire has collected 167,3 million rubles.

The third line is the film by David CATSA «Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald», which gathered over the weekend about 108 million roubles, charges for three weeks was more than 1,4 billion rubles. In fourth place was the new hire, the Russian youth Comedy «All or nothing» Dmitry Suvorov. The picture has collected in hire of 52.7 million.

The top five leaders biopic «Bohemian Rhapsody» on the Queen, he earned this week in the hire of 39.2 million rubles, the total fees for five weeks — about 982 million rubles.