Fashion historian Vasiliev told about the trends of the New year-2019

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in fotomonster fashion Alexander Vasilyev during the presentation of his book Heirlooms. Book-found memoirs. 2 December 2018Fashion historian Vasiliev told about the trends of the New year-2019© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

Fashion historian, art historian Alexander Vasilyev told how to celebrate New 2019: models in the style of disco 80-ies, dresses with padded shoulders with lurex and beads, big jewelry plastic, gold and silver color scheme and hairstyle of the 90s «Palma».

«I can tell you how to celebrate the New year. The most popular model of this New year is a model in the style of «disco», the late ‘ 80s dresses with backing shoulders, dropped waist, knit from lurex, sequins, beads and bugles. The main colors — gold, silver, dark blue, dark purple, Burgundy and emerald,» Vasilyev said Monday at the presentation of his book «Heirloom. Found the book of memoirs» in MIA «Russia today».

The main trend in fashion, he added, «raised up the hair from the famous hair of the 90-year history of «palm» on his head, large jewelry made of plastic, purses-clutch brilliant plan.»

«Shoes lead boots «Cossacks» with a wide bell in the style of late 80-ies. Of the new colors that come into fashion — a great range of blue, blue, violet, and iris tsiklamenovy shades, with splashes of yellow, which never works, but very much in Vogue,» said the art critic.

The book of Alexander Vasiliev «Family values. Book-found memoir», released for his 60th birthday, covers about became years family history Vasilyev, from the beginning of the XX century and up to the latest decades. The author tells about his childhood and his youth, before his emigration to France in 1982, parents, actress Tatiana Gulevich and theater artist Alexander Vasiliev. About the beginning of the creation of a collection of vintage pieces, when in the distant 1960-ies the boy, fascinated by the old man, began to look for lace parasols, hats and photos of past years. When the other kids wanted to play war, he played in theater and continues until now. Now in its collection, tens of thousands of items, outfits from leading fashion houses and Prim main theatres of the world. On the pages of the book the author describes the first steps towards your collection.