Georgian Deputy commented on the detention of citizens of Ukraine in Tbilisi

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Six citizens of Ukraine, detained in Tbilisi on weapons charges, can be associated with the announced ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili rallies, said MP from the party «Georgian dream» Gia Volski.

«The fact that the detainees arrived in Georgia in the status of tourists. This is a special trained soldiers with appropriate weapons and ammunition… I Think their arrival is associated with those meetings, which announces Mikhail Saakashvili,» — said Volski told reporters.

Earlier, the Georgian interior Ministry reported about the detention of six Ukrainian citizens and one citizen of Georgia for illegal acquisition and storage of firearms, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices by a group. In the search in the rooms of the seized firearms pistols systems Beretta and Makarov, automatic self-made firearms and various ammunition.

According to Georgian TV companies, the detained citizen of Georgia — Luca Chetia, a former Georgian soldier who fought in the Ukrainian battalion «Donbass». His father Sergo Chetia told reporters that Luke is really going to take part in the protest rallies in downtown Tbilisi.

Large-scale opposition rally, which does not recognize the results of last November 28 second round of presidential elections was held on the Central Rustaveli Avenue on Sunday. In the course of the action via Skype, with the assembled at the scene of the screen, the protesters joined Saakashvili. It is not known when will be the next action of opposition.