Groundhogs and raccoons went into hibernation at the Moscow zoo

© RIA Novosti / Maxim Aminopterine raccoon in the Moscow zoo. Archival photoGroundhogs and raccoons went into hibernation at the Moscow zoo© RIA Novosti / Maxim Blinov

Woodchucks, raccoons and raccoon dogs are asleep for the winter in the Moscow zoo, the animals will be in hibernation until next spring, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Moscow zoo.

«With the onset of cold weather in their dens asleep not only brown and Himalayan black bears, but some of the other inhabitants of the zoo. Among them raccoons, raccoon dogs and marmots», — stated in the message.

It is noted that Pets hold in my sleep all winter, however, the process of hibernation of woodchucks and raccoons is very different: first immersed in it until the spring, and the second during the season can Wake up to eat or check out, melted the snow.

«Usually marmots fall asleep with the onset of the first frost and come out of hibernation when the snow melts. Before hibernation marmots the weight is 6 kilograms, and for the time spent in sleep, they lose about a third of the total mass. In total, these rodents can sleep for about 6-7 months,» experts say.

As told in the zoo, this year, marmots, male and female Archie Nagini, and went over the side at the beginning of October, and first went to sleep the female, and the male joined her later. All summer, the Pets accumulate fat reserves to migrate hibernation, and prepared to winter her hole, cleaning out the underground tunnels and insulated it with straw.

«It is noteworthy that this was done largely to Archie, but Nagini spent all of her time, nibbling the grass and left keepers looking for treats,» added the zoo.

According to experts, raccoons-poloskun also began to prepare for the autumn-winter season in advance, and with the onset of the first frost fell asleep in their houses.

«A unique feature of raccoons is that hibernating animals go collectively: several individuals sleep in the same den, huddled close to each other. So they retain heat and endure the cold. Raccoons, like bears, are very sensitive to temperature changes – it is from this factor depends on how deeply they sleep,» concluded the zoo, noting that during sleep the animals will stay until April.