In Moscow offered to punish bloggers for posting dangerous content

© Depositphotos / VitalikRadkoТелефон. Archival photoIn Moscow offered to punish bloggers for posting dangerous content© Depositphotos / VitalikRadko

Moscow city Duma is developing a bill to Zatsepin, add a paragraph about bringing to responsibility those, who spread information about dangerous Hobbies in their social networks, said the head of the security Commission in the Metropolitan Parliament Inna Svyatenko.

Prepared by the city Duma the bill requires the penalty for shaping the railway transport in the country from 1000 to 2500 roubles, for repeated violation — from 4000 to 5000 rubles or administrative arrest up to 15 days. For surface transport proposes a fine of from 2000 to 3000 roubles, at repeated violation — from 3000 to 4000 rubles. It is proposed to increase the penalties for violating the rules of conduct on the railroad, including shaping, 25 times — up to 2.5 thousand rubles.

«Selfie has become a scourge and a serious problem, because we relate to extreme sports. And done much for the frame. Here is an example: we have worked for a Federal bill on the so-called aceperl. They say they are doing it for the image. We have now developed a legislative base and from the point of view of content. In order to punish someone who posted information that may harm the health and mental health of minors,» said Svyatenko on an expanded citywide meeting on crime prevention in the city.

Currently, shaping is classified as «embarkation or disembarkation of citizens in the train or riding on steps, the roofs of cars or other not fit for passenger areas» and in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 11.17 of the administrative code punishable by a fine of 100 rubles.