In Moscow, two men robbed the Church shop

© RIA Novosti / Faith Customacrylic. Archival photoIn Moscow, two men robbed the Church shop© RIA Novosti / Faith Kostamo

Two men robbed a sledgehammer smashing a store window, a Church shop at the Ryazan Avenue in Moscow, police are looking for the attackers, said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf

«The police received a report of robbery in one of the houses at the Ryazan Avenue. Arrived at the scene, police learned that, according to preliminary information, two unknown men went into the Church shop, threatening the seller with the subject similar to a pistol, a sledgehammer smashed the Windows, stole valuables, and then fled,» said the Wolf.

She added that on a place of works investigative team, set all the circumstances of the incident.

«Police officers will see off quickly-search actions directed on establishment and detention of malefactors», — said the Wolf.