In the Russian Orthodox Church has criticized a judge of the ECHR grandfather for his stance on same-sex partnerships

© Sputnik / Viktor to Trackability in fotobanka of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir LegoydaIn the Russian Orthodox Church has criticized a judge of the ECHR grandfather for his stance on same-sex partnerships© Sputnik / Viktor to Trackability the image Bank

The head of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda has expressed bewilderment in connection with the statement by the Russian judge in the European court of human rights (ECHR), Dmitry Dedov, speaking in support of the decision, declared illegal restriction of gay parades in Russia, reports the Synodal Department.

«As far as I know, Dmitry Dedov is not an official representative of Russia in this court. Very strange that it supports that does not take the majority of our compatriots. Unfortunately, the European court of human rights has long been turned into a self-contained body that has no connection either with the European civilization, nor the peoples who built this structure,» — said Legoyda, quoted by the Synodal Department.

According to him, the said structure «live their lives» and «increasingly unable to protect the rights of people who hold traditional values as if no such rights at all.»

«Judge Dedov in favour of the recognition of the so-called partnerships of same-sex couples, arguing that they differ in status from a traditional family. But it is well known that the recognition of homosexual partnerships in some countries have resulted in their equalization in rights with traditional families, including the efforts of the European court,» — said the representative of the Church.

«I urge Mr Dedov, judges, and others who were born and raised on Mars, and the European Christian cultural context, to remember their identity, of sin, and of righteousness, truth and iniquity, and not destroy the value Foundation of our culture», — said Legoyda.