Mikhail Boyarsky made for the return of censorship in film and theater

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People’s artist of Russia, actor and singer Mikhail Boyarsky made for the return of the artistic Council for the evaluation of works of theatre and cinema.

«I’m for censorship in this area. I think that the promiscuity of art not for the benefit of the state. Must be competent and intelligent people who can solve problems without resorting to violence, but in the first place putting the moral position of the artist. If they comply with Christian morality and human dignity, then, of course, that would be great. These people have a lot, from academics to theater critics and artists,» said Boyarsky RIA Novosti.

The artist noted that the composition of such art associations he sees Actresses of theater and film Inna Churikova, Alisa Freundlich and other.

The arts Council during the Soviet era was a collegial body in theaters, creative unions and other organizations, delivering judgments about artistic value of a work, repertoire and other.

The arts Council consisted of members of the unions of composers, writers, filmmakers, and party and Komsomol functionaries. Not the selected works, the public usually saw.