Moscow Synodal choir was introduced to the Austrians with the masterpieces of sacred music

© RIA Novosti / Olga Lipicioase Synodal choir. Archival photo.Moscow Synodal choir was introduced to the Austrians with the masterpieces of sacred music© RIA Novosti / Olga Lipic

Masterpieces of Russian sacred music of different centuries were first heard before Christmas in Vienna performed by the Moscow Synodal choir and gathered in the Wiener Konzerthaus hundreds of grateful the Austrians, in spite of all political difficulties, he told RIA Novosti artistic Director of the choir, honored artist of Russia Alexei Puzakov.

«A concert dedicated to the celebration of Christmas. In Western Europe already opened Christmas markets and people preparing for this great Christian feast. The concert was Russian sacred music from the XVI century to our contemporaries. Was the chants lead us through the story. It is the Znamenny chant, Bortniansky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Sviridov, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev),» said Puzakov.

According to him, these concerts help to understand the importance of evidence on traditional Christian values and build bridges between hearts. Sunday afternoon in Vienna the students of the Moscow Synodal choir had the opportunity to feel that «the basis of morality and the gospel commandments is something that unites our peoples.» «Politics is in his plane, and Russian history and Russian culture is something that is not affected by the current changes that testifies to the aspirations of that century was in the Russian soul», — said the interlocutor of the Agency in response to the question, do not interfere with the anti-Russian sanctions and mood in Western Europe live performances.

Hall for 300 people, was Packed, and the Austrian public did not want the actors to go on stage. He conducted the oldest professional choir of Russia Alexei Puzakov, Michael Kotelnikov and the Austrian conductor Catherine Malena. Soloed Naira Asatryan (soprano), Ivan Shcherbatykh (bass), Olga Nadezhdina (viola), Artem Melnikov (tenor). Presenter of the concert of Andrey Zolotov, who told the audience about made masterpieces and Russian choir.

The Moscow Synodal choir, one of the oldest spiritual and professional choirs in Russia. He was the choir of the Kiev, then to Vladimir and Moscow metropolitans, and after the establishment of the Patriarchate in 1589 the Patriarch was called. The Patriarchal singing clerks participated in these solemn services, and in the most important state ceremonies. With the abolition of the Patriarchate and establishment of a governing Synod in 1721, the Patriarchal singing clerics was renamed the Synodal choir. It lasted until 1918. This choir first sang the «Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom» by Rachmaninoff. At the end of the first decade of the XXI century Moscow Synodal choir was revived on the basis of the Metropolitan Cathedral «joy of All who sorrow» in Bolshaya Ordynka, which rector is the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate and composer Metropolitan Hilarion.

With the beginning of 2018, the Moscow Synodal choir with the support of Ministry of culture of Russia already had time to visit with educational concerts Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania. And in January of the coming 2019 choir will go on tour to Rome where will take part in the oratorio «Andrei Rublev», by contemporary Italian composer Monsignor Marco Frisina. The performance will coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of glorification among the saints of the great Russian icon painter, was canonized by the local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1988. «I wonder what contemporary Italian musicians consider it important to cover this topic through the art of music, which above languages, above politics and above any barriers that sometimes builds modern life», — concluded Alexey Puzakov.