Orderly: the Russians are coming «Miss universe» separate column

© AP Photo / John LocherУчастницы beauty contest Miss universe. Archival photoOrderly: the Russians are coming «Miss universe» separate column© AP Photo / John Locher

The Russians have once again confirmed reputation of the most beautiful girls of the planet: in the competition «Miss universe» in December in Thailand will participate not only Miss Russia, but another two participants of Russian origin – Miss Iceland and Miss Finland.

Heritage Of Trump

Miss universe (Miss Universe) is an international beauty contest. Was first held in 1952. Participants are selected on a national beauty pageants participating countries. The minimum age of the contenders for the crown must be 18 years of age. Russian woman yet only once won the title «Miss universe» in 2002 she became Oksana Fedorova.

In 1996 the right to host the competition bought the structure of the future US President Donald trump. He owned the competition almost 20 years, but in 2015 sold.

In Russia the contest was held in 2013, organizers of the show was father and son Aras and Emin Agalarovy. Trump even starred in one of the clips Emin, playing a cameo role of the boss, to sign the singer. Interestingly, agalarovyh cooperation with well-known politician came to them sideways – now they are on the case about the alleged attempt to influence the presidential elections in the United States. In August, spectracolor USA on «business Russia» Robert Mueller even filed a request for the interrogation of Emin.

The finals will be held this year on 16-17 December in Bangkok.



«Slim figure I have due to the genes. Me and mum slim. In addition, over the shoulders of 8 years of fitness aerobics. My first adult class and I was in the team of the Chuvash Republic on this sport. It also affected the figure. And character forged, perseverance,» the girl confessed in an interview with RIA Novosti.

She is proud of her charm, she believes, appearance and knowledge of Chuvash language.

«Mother – Chuvash. I studied the Chuvash language in school, fluent can not speak, but some simple everyday conversations can understand. Know tales of the Chuvash, Chuvash kitchen know how to cook Chuvash soup shurpa» — said Julia. She described herself as «the girl household, cook and love». Julia admitted that winning the competition and preparing for the next stage did not affect her diet: «eat everything she ate before.»

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the girl complained that to combine study and preparation for competition is not easy.

«Why journalism? This happened spontaneously. It seemed to me that in this area I will be able to show themselves. Then I realized that it was the right decision. Myself as a journalist have not tried. But many times I was on TV, you know what it is and what there can be pitfalls, how to work on television,» — said Poschechina RIA Novosti. According to her, in the future, she sees herself as a journalist-a newsman or presenter.

Two years later, Elena took her daughter to him. His father, the girl remembers, because his parents divorced soon after her birth. «Father, Catherine died in 2011», — told RIA Novosti Elena Skorobogatova.

Now mom and daughter have adapted to Icelandic society, received the citizenship. Elena worked in a nursing home, taught the language. Now, confirming the Russian diploma of higher education, teaches physical education in high school.

Katrin is studying at one of the most prestigious colleges of Iceland Reykjavik Mentaskolinn i finished the third course of the language Department — the University is Icelandic, English, French and Danish, and Latin. «In the future I plan to go to University of Iceland to study law», — the girl told RIA Novosti.

She and her mother refused to answer, did they have Russian citizenship — perhaps out of fear that it will interfere to represent Iceland in international competitions. However, they often visit relatives in Omsk. The girl herself prefers to use his Icelandic name, but in social networks was under the old — Ekaterina Skorobogatova.

Catherine does volunteer work, transmitting to other migrants experiences of adaptation in quite gated Icelandic society — to this end, she organized an entire program Be brave («Be brave»). In addition, she works in one of the Icelandic schools as a volunteer helping young immigrants to overcome the difficulties of adaptation, and just to do homework. Undoubtedly, the jury will appreciate her social activity.

Miss Finland for tolerance and against Russophobia

Finally, will the competition and another girl with Russian roots – 23-year-old resident of Helsinki Alina Voronkova. She was born in Lahti in the family of Ingrian Finns of Dmitry and Svetlana Voronovich in the 90s that had emigrated from Russia.

To win Voronkov participated in different beauty pageants in several Finnish cities – she admitted that from childhood she dreamed of becoming «Miss Finland».

At home with her parents she speaks Russian, studied Russian literature at the University of Eastern Finland. Now enrolled at the University of Helsinki, where a year after a series of competitions intended to continue his studies.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the girl admitted that they still feel more like a Finca. But the attention to her person in Russia became Voronkova a pleasant surprise.

«Mom told me that Russian TV channels show the photos from my Instagram and tell us that in the contest «Miss Finland» won half Russian. I am very grateful, for me it’s only positive and a very pleasant fact,» she said.

According to her, she was still experiencing the joy of victory. «I think this state will last for a year, because for three years I went to it, worked here and abroad, went to different shots, learned how to walk and talk — and the reward. So I am very pleased and delighted with what I have a year», — said Voronkov.

At the invitation of the Embassy of Finland in Russia, she has already visited Moscow, where he participated in photo shoots, visited Red square and the Bolshoi theatre.

«During the trip I spoke Russian language, in interviews and on the street. I often find it difficult to find the right words or to grasp the idea, especially in front of cameras. Some have been upset. I tried to translate everything into a joke. Maybe need a bit of patience and tolerance,» she says.

The girl told that in the role of «Miss Finland» wants to raise the important issue of bullying in school because of origin and appearance. «Bullying because of the Russian roots — what faced me or my friends are either half-Russian, or moved from Russia. There is a very strong prejudice (against the Russians in Finland), even in adults. So I want to be an example of precisely what may people alien or half alien, it is not necessary to do conclusions about him until you know him personally,» says Voronkov.