Police in China have detained a gang, forcing women into prostitution

© AFP 2018 / Greg wakesurfing the law enforcement agencies of China. Archival photoPolice in China have detained a gang, forcing women into prostitution© AFP 2018 / Greg Baker

Law enforcement agencies of China and Singapore conducted a joint operation in which detained 30 suspects in the kidnapping of women and forcing them into prostitution, more than 140 women have been liberated, said Monday the Ministry of public security of the PRC.

In March this year, Chinese Department has received from the Singapore colleagues the message that during one of the investigations of the abduction and the illicit traffic were detected a criminal group, enticing hundreds of Chinese women to work in Singapore in groups in various social networks and incite them to prostitution.

After receiving the message, the special divisions of law enforcement agencies of Guangdong and Jiangsu began to investigate, there was also a special joint working groups of the two countries in this case. After a while we found out that the group is led by two 27-year-old man from Jiangsu province.

Only on 22 November, law enforcement authorities could conduct a special operation in which were arrested 30 suspects, including ringleaders, 144 women were released.