Prigogine explained the attitude to the Mat

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in photobanks Prigogine. Archival photoPrigogine explained the attitude to the Mat© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

Producer Joseph Prigogine explained to the TV channel «360» their attitude to the Mat.

According to the producer, profanity become the trend of the Russian language, which can have a negative impact on the younger generation.

«Do not expect anything good in the future from children, if people are amused by the Mat. It has become a trend, a symbol of the Russian language and culture. All can be attributed to the artistry of the Russian language, but today it is a trend,» said the producer.

Prigogine suggested that the Mat may soon appear in a television broadcast.

«Don’t be surprised if tomorrow the TV screens, we’re going to talk mate,» added the producer.

Prigogine previously criticized the language used by the leader of group «Leningrad» Sergey Shnurov songs, and made unflattering comments about his fans. In response, the musician wrote a post on Instagram, in an ironic form of «apologizing» for the producer. Later, Prigogine also published a post where you complained about the fashion of the «trade mate» and declared readiness for verbal battle.