Sony starts selling PlayStation Classic with 20 installed games

© AFP 2018 / Martin Vijayeswari Sony Playstation. Archival photoSony starts selling PlayStation Classic with 20 installed games© 2018 AFP / Martin Bureau

The Japanese company Sony began Monday in Japan and other countries sales of the PlayStation Classic, which repeats in miniature, the design is created exactly 24 years ago the eponymous console to play electronic games.

According to the PlayStation website, the owners of new model will receive it with 20 preset nostalgic games familiar to fans of the original consoles from childhood. Among them — Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and Rayman.

Designers completed the new console at a reduced size, it can easily fit in a pocket. Its price in Japan will be 9 98 thousand yen ($80) without 8% consumption tax.

According to experts, this console will be of interest primarily to those who experiences the nostalgia for old electronic games. Home sales worldwide in anticipation of Christmas gives hope for widespread sales of the new consoles as gifts.

The first model of the PlayStation was sold on 3 December 1994, it is 45% greater in size than the current model, not counting the two remotes. New retro console Classic weighs 170 grams. To play it at a temperature of from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius, and that is what this weather is typical throughout the year for Tokyo.