The American took to the camera like a UFO orbs in the sky

The resident who filmed similar UFO lights in the sky over the national coastline in North Carolina. Footage posted on YouTube.

According to an eyewitness, an unusual phenomenon he noticed November 20 while fishing. About nine in the evening a man saw a bright stationary light in the sky. Within the hour he periodically became more vivid, more dull, and sometimes along with him there were other lights. At one point the light was completely extinguished in 20 minutes, and then again lit up visually closer to the position of the fisherman.

«This video begins with the moment. Again, when he appeared, it became brighter, then dimmer, and the number of lights was increased to four, but overall he didn’t budge,» said the author of the video.

Netizens put forward different versions of what happened, including the lights of an airplane, and ball lightning. One commenter suggested that this phenomenon was combustion of gas flare on an oil rig, and four of the fire was due to atmospheric dispersion.