The army of the self-proclaimed Kosovo will be established on 14 Dec

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in fotoannunci military parade in Pristina. Archival photoThe army of the self-proclaimed Kosovo will be established on 14 Dec© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

The army of the breakaway Republic of Kosovo will be officially founded on December 14, wrote in Facebook, the Chairman of the Kosovo Parliament, Kadri Veseli.

«Fourteenth of December 2018 we will officially receive the army of Kosovo. This is the day when the Parliament of Kosovo will vote for the bills on the transformation of the Kosovo security Force into the armed forces. Congratulations to all!», — wrote the former field commander of the Albanian troops in the social network.

The deputies of the Parliament of the breakaway Republic in mid-October by an overwhelming majority in the first reading adopted a package of laws on the transformation of the KSF into a full-fledged armed forces. Representatives of the party of ethnic minorities, «Serbian list» before the vote, left the meeting room. Self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the Republic of Ramush Haradinaj said that the decision of the Kosovo Parliament on the establishment of a full army is a critical step on the path to NATO.

It is expected that the armed forces of Pristina will reach 5 thousand actual soldiers and 3 thousand reservists. According to deputies in Pristina the law that created the Kosovo army will be in addition to arm, equip and train, to which, according to media reports, the local budget will allocate 300 million euros over three years. Planned development of helicopter units. The Minister of SBK Rustem Berisha announced in November that the army will also have their own artillery, air defense, biological and chemical protection, but «only for defense».

Against the creation of Pristina a full army actively supports the official Belgrade, Recalling resolution 1244 of the UN security Council on settlement in Kosovo and Metohija.

In 1999, armed confrontation between the Albanian separatists of the Kosovo Liberation army and the army and police of Serbia led to the bombing of Yugoslavia (then consisting of Serbia and Montenegro) NATO forces. In March 2004, Kosovo Albanians staged riots, which led to mass resettlement of Serbs from the province and the destruction of numerous monuments of their history and culture.

Kosovo Albanian structures in Pristina in February 2008 unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. The self-proclaimed Republic does not recognize Serbia, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and several other States.