The court in Moscow will consider the claim «the Opening of the Holding» to the DIA

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotomontaggi on the building Agency on insurance of contributions. Archival photoThe court in Moscow will consider the claim «the Opening of the Holding» to the DIA© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The Moscow arbitration court on Monday will consider the claim of JSC «OTKRITIE holding», the former major shareholder of the Bank «FC Opening», currently under reorganization, on the illegality of the assignment by the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) the rights of claim to the claimant on 28 billion rubles, the Bank «trust».

As previously explained the representative of «Discovery Holding» the court, in 2014, the plaintiff was selected as the first investor rehabilitation «Trust» for this purpose he obtained a loan from the ACB in the amount of 28 billion rubles. The same amount the plaintiff as a loan gave the Bank «trust» to improve liquidity.

In may 2018 «OTKRITIE holding» simultaneously received a notice from the Bank «trust» on the termination of its obligations to the plaintiff and the Bank «Growth» that the DIA gave him the right of claim under the loan agreement between the DIA and the holding company at 28 billion rubles. In his claim submitted to arbitration in June, «OTKRITIE holding» demands to annul the prisoner in April 2018, the agreement under which the DIA ceded to the Bank «Rost» (currently connected to the «Trust») claims to «Discovery Holding».

As previously explained in a press-service «the Opening of the Holding company» the action of ASV is unfair and infringe upon the interests of the holding company because the holding company has written off its right to 28 billion rubles, but left the requirements the same amount. Defendants — ASV and «trust» — a claim not recognized. DIA representative stated that he does not understand, what exactly is the violation of the rights of the plaintiff.

According to the representative of «Trust», after the approval of the Central Bank on March 14 the new reorganization plan of the Bank, its capital was reduced to 1 ruble issue additional shares bought by the Central Bank, and the obligations of «Trust» to the former shareholders in accordance with the provisions of the bankruptcy law ceased. As noted by the representative of «Trust» risks of the reorganization shall be, in particular, and the investor, the plaintiff «essentially lost rescue», however, he had the right to challenge the termination of the obligations of «Trust» in front of it, if you don’t agree with it.

On the basis of «Trust» in Russia, a Bank of non-core assets (SUA), which will gather in bad and non-core assets of a number of rehabilitated banks for their further sale. By the end of this year, he needs to consolidate the assets 2.1-2.2 trillion rubles. The shareholders of SUA will Fund the consolidation of the banking sector (97%), Bank «FC Opening» (2%) and RDIF (1% stake).