The MOE has called the possible cause of a fire in a building on the Yamal Peninsula

© Photo : Ministry of emergency situations of Russia across the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district fire in a residential wooden house in the town of Novy Urengoy. December 2, 2018The MOE has called the possible cause of a fire in a building on the Yamal Peninsula© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district

Careless handling of fire is the most likely cause of a fire in a two story house in Novy Urengoy (YANAO), where the person died and nine residents were injured, said Monday regional Department of the Ministry of emergency situations.

The office on Sunday morning announced on the night of the fire in a two story wooden house in Novy Urengoy, which killed one person. The city authorities, in turn, specified that injured 9 residents, including a child.

«At this point in the hospital stay of the four of care provided on an outpatient basis. Careless handling of fire, the most probable cause of the fire are working on several versions. The perpetrator and the damage of the fire are established», — is spoken in the message.

MOE specialists suggest that initially, the fire could have started in apartment number 13, where the victim lived, after which the flames spread throughout the building.

Previously, the municipality reported that the temporary accommodation of the victims of the fire was also a town residence. In the administration of Novy Urengoy stressed that the house is completely burnt and cannot be repaired. Local authorities decide the issue of housing of people affected by the fire.